Board Envelopes

Allcard envelopes belong in the heavy weight envelope category as they are manufactured from 350 gsm paper.

This type of envelope is made from cardboard, which ensures that items inside the envelope travel in a more rigid state through the post.
Moreover, the thickness of the paper ensures that the content of the envelope is hidden from sight.

All Card Envelopes are available in 24 different sizes from 125x125 mm square to 508x381 mm (measurements are inside and in millimetres).
The variety of sizes ensures that items can be inserted comfortably into the envelope.

All Card Envelopes come in white either with a tuck flap, or with a peel and seal closure, which ensures an easy, quick, and secure closing of the envelope.

This Allcard envelope type is available in different sizes which are ideal for CD's, DVD's, LP's, calendars, documents, anything in fact that requires to be delivered in a condition that needs protection from puncture or external damage.