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Prices and VAT

  • When will I not pay VAT?
  • If you are based outside Spain and you have a VAT number you should not be charged VAT. In order to archive that on our website you have to open an account (before or during the checkout process) and our system will set you up with the correct settings.
  • Prices and VAT
  • All our envelopes are priced and sold in single units.
    Prices shown are all subject to VAT and delivery charge, where applicable.
    We offer online quantity discount from 10% to 55%. For example, when you buy 60 envelopes from one size and colour your price per one envelope will decrease by 10% compared to the base price.
  • Cart & Checkout
  • You'll be charged VAT at standard rate 21%.
    If you are based outside of this area, VAT will be charged where applicable. Details, which you enter during checkout process, will do this selecting automatically.
  • How do we calculate the prices?
  • To make things easy we decided to sell our products in units of one. Therefore, you need to enter the exact required number of certain product. All product prices are shown excluding VAT and delivery charges where applicable.
    We offer an online discount of between 10% when you buy 50 items or more of any particular envelope, up to 55% when you buy 10000 items or more of the same product. The more you buy the better price you get.

    Number of envelopes Percentage of discount
    1 - 49 0
    50 - 199 10
    200 - 499 20
    500 - 999 30
    1000 - 4999 40
    5000 - 9999 50
    10000 - 99999 55