Security and Privacy

  • Is your website secure?
  • Absolutely. Our site is secured with a 128-bit SSL certificate, thereby offering the highest level of encryption or security possible. This means you can rest assured that communications between your browser and our site web server is private and secure.
  • Why do you need my email address?
  • Your email address is mainly used for sending order confirmation, payment confirmation and for informing you if your order has been despatch from our warehouse. Additionally is used as a part of our login process (if you have an account) or for sending our newsletter is you've opt-in for this service.
  • Are my personal details safe?
  • Our team of skilled technicians is working hard each day to ensure your personal details are kept safe. We never disclose your personal details to anyone.
  • What do you do with my payment card details after my order is fulfilled?
  • We are never storing your card details. Once your payment has been confirmed your card details are removed from our system.